ECS Setup


This article explains on how to create an AWS network in VPC and ECS Cluster using CloudFormation template. It includes the following topics:


Configuring ECS

To configure ECS, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to AWS CloudFormation -> Stacks -> Create stack.
    Note: Before you create a stack, you must have a template that describes what resources AWS CloudFormation will include in your stack.
  2. Prepare a template.
  3. Specify the template by uploading zero-vpc-ecs.yaml to create a dedicated VPC.


  4.  Specify stack details by filling in the following information:
    • Stack name: zero-vpc
    • Parameters: IP CIDR for VPC —


      VPC is successfully created.

  1. Use zero-mssql.yaml to create a test database. To do that, fill in the following information:
    • Stack name: zero-mssql
    • ParentVPCStack: zero-vpc


  1. Fill in the other parameters as required.


Creating an ECS Cluster

To create an ECS cluster, follow the steps below:

  1. From the CloudFormation console, use zero-ecs.yaml to create the ECS cluster.


Fill in the following information:

    • Your ECS cluster name
    • Select VPC
    • Select public and private subnets
    • Your instance type (for details, see Amazon EC2 Instance Types)
    • Max and min size of your cluster
      Note: This is the number of EC2 instances per cluster. For development and testing purposes both can be set to 1.
    • Load Balancer scheme
      Note: If you need the application to be accessible from the internet, select "internet-facing."
    • Service tasks autoscaling (select true and write max, min, desired count)
    • Docker image URI
    • Secret manager ARN created in the Preparation page
      Note: These options are optional.
    • If you need to use HTTPS with a custom FQDN, create a subdomain in your hosted zone and certificate in AWS Certificate Manager. Enter the certificate ARN in LoadBalancerCertificateArn. Afterward, in the route53 hosted zone, alias the subdomain to LoadBalancer FQDN.


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