Email Classification in Inbox


ZERO Inbox may be classified into the following groups:

  • Messages/Senders - organizes your Inbox into all messages and messages grouped by senders. This type of grouping applies to all folders except - Sent, Outbox and Drafts. For more details on how to organize your messages in the Messages and Senders lists, see Organizing Messages in Your Mailbox.
  • Primary/Other - splits your Inbox into high and low priority messages. This type of grouping applies to Inbox only. The Primary category is assigned for important messages from persons and/or important sources. Other messages are typically news updates or promotions and are thus considered to be less important.

To view messages in the corresponding category, tap the respective tab.

  9_Inbox_-_Messages_Senders.png   10_Inbox_-_Primary_Other.png

For more details on how to set the mailbox sorting type, see Accounts.

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