With ZERO, you can filter your emails by various criteria to easily and instantly find what you want. 

To use ZERO's custom filters, tap _icon_-_filtering.png at the bottom left of the screen.


The following filters can be applied to sort the messages:

  • By Importance - shows messages for the selected timeframe ordered by importance.
  • Unread - shows only unread emails.
  • With Attachments - shows emails with attachments.
  • Flagged - shows emails marked as flagged.
  • Filed - shows all emails already filed to your Document Management System.
  • Not Filed - shows all emails that are not yet filed to your Document Management System.

Note:  Partially filed conversations with some messages filed and others not yet filed appear in the  Not Filed  filter.


Filtering by Importance

To sort emails by importance, ZERO’s algorithms review all messages for the specified timeframe and sort them according to priority based on how you have previously interacted with these messages and their senders. More than 20 parameters are analyzed to determine which messages appear at the top of the list (important) and which appear at the bottom (less important).

The emails from important contacts and important groups of contacts appear at the top.

The importance scale is dynamically updated as you continue to interact with your email contacts via ZERO.

To sort emails by importance:

  1. Tap _icon_-_filtering.png at the bottom left of the screen from any folder. The filters menu appears.
  2. Tap By Importance in the filters menu.


  3. In the screen that appears, select a timeframe out of the following options:
    • Today
    • 3 days
    • 1 week



Filtering by Sender

When filtering by Sender, all messages from each sender are grouped together, making them easily accessible in one place on the Senders screen.

To filter emails by sender:

  1. Tap _icon_-_filtering.png at the bottom left of the screen. The Filters menu appears.
  2. Tap By Sender in the Filters menu.
    Note:  The By Sender filtering option is available only in case if your mailbox sorting type is set to Primary/Other.


  3. In the screen that appears, tap the sender’s name to see the messages from that person.

Note:  Senders with at least one unread message are indicated by a blue dot icon to the left of the sender’s name.
Note:  To delete one or all messages from any sender, swipe left or right at the sender’s name and choose the corresponding option.

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