Active Wrong Recipient Detection


ZERO allows you to recheck and confirm the list of recipients to be sure the message is sent to the correct email addresses.

To confirm the list of recipients before sending your message:

  1. After composing your message, hit Send Send & File Send & Move (depending on your sending preferences specified in General Settings). The Confirm screen is displayed containing the following sections:
    • External - lists your external contacts
    • Internal - lists your internal contacts
  1. Confirm each of the recipients in the External and Internal sections by tapping checkmark.png. Or, remove them from the list by tapping x.
    Note:  All the recipients listed in the Internal section are checkmarked by default.
    Note:  Any wrong recipient contacts detected will be highlighted in red. To change the wrong email address, click Cancel at the top left side of the Confirm screen and change it in the email composer screen.
  2. Tap Send.png (Send) at the top right corner of the screen to send your message to the specified recipients. Or, tap Send (Send and File / Send and Move) to send your message while filing/moving it (depending on your sending preferences specified in General Settings).


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