Predictive Move to Folder: Overview


ZERO's predictive Move to Folder is a cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify and provide you with suggestions on which folder to move your messages. The AI algorithms analyze each message and make predictions about which folder it belongs in, based on various factors such as sender, subject line, and other identifying attributes. Once the AI has made its prediction, it will suggest the corresponding folder, freeing up your time and making it easier to find the right folder for your message.

ZERO helps you to move your messages in the following ways:

  • Manually - emails are individually moved to the corresponding folders manually. Moving emails separately is done from the list of messages. For details about how to do that, see Moving a Single Message.
  • In batches - emails are moved to the corresponding folders in batches. Moving emails in batches is done via ZERO's Assistant. For details about how to do that, see Batch Moving.

The functionality of predictive Move to Folder is designed to improve your email management and productivity by streamlining the process of organizing messages. The AI algorithms continually learn from your behavior and improve accuracy over time.

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