General Settings

The General Settings section includes the following options:
  • Swipe action - helps to customize swipe gestures. Tapping this option navigates you to the Swipe Options screen where you can configure the right swipe action for the most frequent action you use for the messages. For more details about the swipe action, see Swipe Options.
  • Send with Action - enables sending messages together with filing or moving them. Tapping this option navigates you to the Send with Action screen where you can turn On the Send with Action switch to be able to either file or move the messages as you are sending them. For more details about the Send with Action feature, see Sending with Action.
  • Passcode lock - allows you to enable PIN email access protection. For details regarding how to enable passcode protection, see ZERO Access Protection.
  • Organize by Conversation - enables grouping emails by conversation. Switch it Off if you do not want to view your emails grouped by conversation.
  • Set Default Mail App - sets ZERO as your default email application. For details about how to do this, see Setting Default Email App.



Swipe Options

The simple swipe gesture helps you to perform certain actions easier and faster in ZERO on your iPhone or iPad. To customize the right swipe action:

  1. Go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > Swipe Action. The Swipe Options screen is displayed.
  2. Choose one of the following options for right swiping a message:
    • File
    • Move to
    • Mark as Read / Unread
    • Archive

Note:  By default, the right swipe action is set to  File (or Move to if your Document Management System is not active).



Sending with Action

With ZERO you can send an email and file or move it to the desired destination, all with a single click. This is done through the Send with Action functionality, which not only proves to be a tremendous time saver but also makes your ZERO experience even more effective.

To enable the Send with Action functionality:

  1. Go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > Send with Action. The Send with Action screen is displayed.


  2. Switch On the Send with Action toggle.
  3. Select the action you want to use:
    • Send & File will file your message in a selected folder after sending it.
    • Send & Move will move your message to a selected folder after sending it.

For details about the Send & File and Send & Move features, see Advanced Message Sending.

  1. Select whether you want to be asked to select an action before sending a message:
    • Off will send your message without asking you to choose an action.
    • Ask will ask you to select an action before sending your message.



Setting Default Email App

The latest versions of iOS, starting with iOS 14, let you change the default email client.

To update your default email app to ZERO:

  1. Make sure you are using iOS 14 or later.
    Note:  If you are not sure which version of iOS you have on your device, go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > General > About and check for the Software Version. If you are not using iOS 14 or later, please update your operating system. For details about how to do that, follow this link.
  2. In your ZERO app, go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > General Settings > Set Default Mail App. You are navigated to your iOS settings.
  3. Tap Default Mail App and choose ZERO. iOS will now open links to email addresses in the ZERO Mail app.


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