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This article explains how to select a matter to assign it to an entry, as well as how to search for client and matter records. 


Selecting a Matter

To select a matter for an entry:

  1. In the Select Matter screen, choose the right matter for your entry.

Figure 15 Selecting a Matter.png

Please, note that the Select Matter screen is composed of 3 sections:

    • Suggested – This section is shown in case Apollo has at least one suggestion for the entry.
    • Recent – This section displays the most recently used matters.
    • All – This section displays all the available matters.
  1. Click Assign. The selected matter is assigned to your entry.
    Or click Cancel to terminate the operation and navigate back to the previous screen.


Searching for a Matter

The Select Matter screen is equipped with a powerful search mechanism that allows looking for any client and matter records stored in the system. To search for a client or matter, simply start typing the keyword directly into the Search for Matter box. The system will narrow down the client and matter lists and return the results that match your search criteria.

Figure 16 Searching for a Client Matter.png

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