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The Accounts section displays all your available email accounts. You can add multiple accounts and be signed in all of them simultaneously.

Tapping an account name takes you to the selected account settings. Here, you can customize various settings, including mailbox sorting, capture preferences, wrong recipient detection, signature, mail sync, and notifications.



Adding an Account

To add an account:
  1. Go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account. The login screen of the email service opens.


  3. Fill in your Email and Password in the respective fields.
  4. Click Log In.

Note: Depending on how your company's systems are set up, you might need to specify advanced settings. For more details regarding how to do that, see Advanced Settings.


Managing Account Settings

To manage your account settings:

  1. Go to _icon_-_settings.png Settings > Accounts.
  2. Tap on the desired account name to access its specific configuration options.
  3. Customize the settings according to your preferences.


Settings of each account include the following sections:

  • General Info - includes the following:
    • Description - displays the account name to be shown in folder view.
  • General - includes the following:
    • Mailbox Sorting - Clicking this option takes you to the Mailbox Sorting screen where you can toggle the Mailbox Sorting switch On/Off to enable/disable email sorting. If enabled, you can select the sorting type to set email sorting by Messages/Senders or Primary/Other. For more details about email sorting types, see Email Classification in Inbox
    • Tracking - Clicking this option takes you to the Tracking screen where you can toggle the Tracking switch On/Off to enable/disable time and activity tracking. If enabled, you need to define your capture preferences (see Defining Capture Preferences), as well as your personal activity report sending frequency and preferences (see Managing Personal Activity Reports). When the Tracking switch is Off, the time tracking is disabled, and the activity report is not being sent. For more details about time tracking, see AI-Powered Timekeeping.


    • Wrong Recipient Detection - Toggling this switch On/Off controls the feature that detects and warns that a suspicious recipient has been specified for the message that is to be sent. For more details, see Passive Wrong Recipient Detection.
    • Signature - Clicking this option takes you to the Signature Settings screen. For details about the signature settings, see Signature.
    • Mail Sync - This option applies to email accounts that use ActiveSync to connect your mobile device to an Exchange server. It allows you to select the timeframe (going back from the present moment) within which the messages to be displayed in your mailbox folders are received/sent. There are three options to select from: 2 Weeks, 1 Month, No Limit.
      Note:  If a particular timeframe is selected, only emails received within the selected duration are downloaded from the server and kept on your device. Older emails are not downloaded or removed once their age exceeds the selected period.
    • Notifications - This option allows to modify your notification settings for incoming emails:
      • All - ZERO notifies you of all incoming emails. 
      • VIP Only - ZERO notifies you only of emails received from contacts marked as VIP. For details about VIP contacts, see VIP Contacts.
      • None - Notifications are disabled for all incoming emails.

Notifications Badge - Toggling this switch On/Off controls the red badge on the application's icon, which shows the number of unread messages in the Inbox. The badge will not appear if the option is set to Off.

Selected Folders - Choose the folders for which you want to receive notifications. This section will be visible when you select either All or VIP Only notifications.


    • Remove Account - Tapping this field removes your account and all associated data from the phone. 
      Note:  The Remove Account option appears in red to help prevent accidental account removal.


Defining Capture Preferences

To define your capture preferences:

  1. In your account settings go to Tracking > Capture Preferences.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Activities and Time- ZERO captures all your billable activities and the corresponding duration of those activities.
    • Only Activities - ZERO captures all your activities without any time data.

Note:  Capture Preferences can be pre-configured at the firm level by your IT. In this event, it is possible that this option may be pre-selected for you, and you may not be able to view or select between these options.



Managing Personal Activity Reports

To manage your personal activity report:

  1. In your account settings, go to Tracking > Personal Activity Report.
  2. Tap on the Personal Activity Report field.


  1. Toggle the Personal Activity Report switch On.


  1. In the Sending Activity Reports fields, specify the following:
    • Sending Frequency- defines whether your activity reports should be sent Daily or Weekly.
    • Sending Preferences- defines whether you want to send both Activities and Time or Only Activities.




A professionally designed email signature is important to make your emails trustworthy by showing your recipients who they are corresponding with. However, creating a beautiful and rich signature on a mobile device may be tough sometimes. Thereby, ZERO is enhanced with a special feature making it easier for you to create and set up your email signature on your mobile in a fraction of a second.

To set up your signature:

  1. In the Signature Settings screen, switch On the Signature toggle to enable it.
  2. Enter your signature information by manually typing it in the blank text input field.
  3. Or, select Find Signature. You are navigated to the Signature Assistant screen.
    Signature Assistant is one of ZERO's unique functionalities. It detects your recently used signatures created in your email application for your desktop and allows you to use it on your mobile.
  4. In the detected list of your previously used signature options, select the one that you want to use for your mobile. The selected signature will show up when you are emailing from your mobile device.


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