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Enabling Time Tracking

To enable the time tracking feature:
  1. Go to Application Settings > Account Settings > Time Tracking.
  1. Toggle the Time Tracking switch On.
After enabling the Time Tracking feature, ZERO will record the interactions with client-related emails on your mobile device and automatically capture time for all your activity inside the application.

Note:  You will see the time recording banner at the top of the screen while reading or composing messages.

ZERO tracks activity in your email conversations by helping to prevent erroneous time recording. It reviews and analyzes dozens of parameters and then uses them to prepare in-depth narratives. These reports can be used for further review or pre-bill analysis or can be sent directly to your billing system.

While you are using ZERO – reading, reviewing, composing messages, as well as viewing an email attachment – time is tracked for every conversation for the current day. The next day, the time for each conversation is reset and the tracking starts from 0. No time is recorded if there has not been any interaction with an email.

Note:  If you are not performing any action with the email for more than 90 seconds but for some reason the screen is still on, the timer will stop. Tracking resumes as soon as an activity is detected again.


Assigning Time Reporting to a Matter

In addition to automatic time recording for each interaction with an email, activity time tracking can be assigned to a specific Matter thus helping you to easily identify the billable time for the selected Matter. ZERO’s artificial intelligence analyzes and predicts a Matter and Client for each email. ZERO then uses this analysis in order to group activities together by Matter.

To assign a matter to an email:

  1. Click Select Matter at the top of the email. The Select Matter screen opens displaying the recent matters.


  1. Select a Matter from the matter list. The Matter is assigned to the selected email and is displayed in the time recording banner.


In case ZERO is able to predict a Matter, the predicted Matter will be displayed in the time recording banner. To modify the predicted or an incorrectly assigned Matter, tap the matter name in the time recording banner and select the correct one.
Once a Matter is assigned or changed, all the previously recorded activities for the selected email conversation are reassigned to the newly selected Matter. 


Personal Activity Report

All reported activities can be added to the Personal Activity Report. The report is itemized by date and Matter reflecting all email activities. 

The Personal Activity Report lists all ZERO activities for the time period during which Time Tracking has been enabled.

For each listed day, the report represents each Matter you worked on and the associated
email conversation along with the billable time spent.

The emails that have no matter assigned appear under the Unassigned Activity section of the report.

For each time entry, ZERO automatically generates an activity description consisting of the following: 
  • Email subject
  • Type of activity (reading or composing emails)
  • Sender
  • Identifying the recipient(s) in case of a reply or a new email composed 
  • Name(s) of the reviewed attachment(s)


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Sending a Manual Time Report

To generate a time report manually:
  1. Navigate to the Assistant screen (for details, see Assistant).
  2. Select the Time Report option.
  3. In the screen that appears, select the time frame for which the report is to be generated. The time frame options are the following:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last week
    • Last month

Or, define a custom date timeframe from the Custom Date field.

Note:  You can review the generated report before sending by taping  Preview  in the Time Report screen.

  1. Tap Send Report at the bottom of the screen. A standard email with a .pdf attachment is sent to your mailbox.



Receiving an Automatic Time Report

ZERO sends a daily Personal Activity Report to the email address for which the time was recorded. You can identify these automatic reports in the email you receive with the following subject line:

"ZERO App Activity Report for <DATE>"

Note:  After ZERO's first launch, the application checks for the activity recorded during the previous day, generates a report and sends it out every day. ZERO should be active or running in the background to ensure that the daily report is sent. Otherwise, it is possible that the Personal Activity Report emails may arrive in your inbox at different times of the day.

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