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ZERO Athena uses a smart prediction mechanism by analyzing previously moved emails in your mailbox. It collects data from email subjects, contacts, and conversations. Using this, it predicts suitable folders for incoming messages.

ZERO’s predictions are based on the subjects of messages, external contacts, and the conversation data stored in the prediction database. This enables ZERO to compile a list of messages that might be moved to folders based on past behavior.

Although ZERO can suggest folders for most emails in your mailbox, configurations might limit predictions only to the Inbox and Sent folders or extend to others. It's also important to note that messages are moved only within the current folder and sent items remain in the Sent folder. If a folder is deleted, any associated predictions are removed during the next sync.

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Setting Up ZERO Move

Once ZERO Athena is installed, activate ZERO Move via its configuration file. Note that this feature is off by default. If you run into issues, please consult your system administrator. Once set up, ZERO Move is available in the Outlook Home tab.


You can also find ZERO Move in the ZERO tab.



Using ZERO Move

Whether moving single messages, entire conversations, or specific emails from a conversation, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the email or conversation.
  2. Select ZERO Move.
  3. Choose from the suggestions or navigate to the desired folder.


The ZERO Move menu offers:

    • Suggestionshows up to three folder predictions.
    • Recentdisplays the last three used folders. For details, see Recent Folders.
    • Other Folderallows manual folder selection.
  • Note: Moved sent items remain in the Sent folder. You can also quickly select messages or conversations and move them through the ZERO Move option in the Outlook tabs.

When moving a conversation to another folder for the first time, a warning is displayed. To avoid future warnings, check the Don’t show again box.


Recent Folders

Recent folders refer to folders where messages were moved after installing ZERO Athena. Initially, this list is empty but populates as you move emails. It's worth noting that this list will feature folders even if emails were moved using standard Outlook features. Messages moved using Outlook rules, however, won't appear.


Undoing a Move

The Undo feature is a helpful addition to ZERO and allows you to quickly fix a wrong move to a folder. To reverse a move, click Undo Move in the ZERO Move section.



This button remains inactive until a move action is performed. It deactivates after being used, switching folders, or restarting Outlook. Additionally, using the Archive or Delete features will disable the Undo Move button. If an error arises while reversing a move, ZERO displays an error notification and reenables the Undo Move button.

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