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ZERO Athena’s enhanced capabilities enable you to seamlessly send messages while also filing and moving them to their respective folders. This streamlined process ensures that as you send out messages, they're organized efficiently, optimizing your mailbox management.

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Sending a Message

After composing your message, click the Send or Send and File and Move button, depending on your ZERO settings.

With the Open automatically upon Send setting, the Send and File/Move window will pop up when you click Outlook's Send button.

Outlook's Send button.png

With the Open by clicking the Send & Action button setting, a Send and File and Move button will appear. When clicked, this button will reveal the Send and File/Move window. In this setting, the standard Send button in Outlook will dispatch the email without any further actions.

Send and File and Move button.png

For details about these settings, please refer to Send and Action.

After clicking Send / Send and File and Move, the Send and File/Move window is displayed. It is composed of the File and Move sections both coming with a toggle feature. You have the flexibility to activate or deactivate these sections, providing you with the convenience to file, move, or do both simultaneously as you send a message. The Send and File/Move window offers you the following choices:

  • Send – this option solely sends the message without any additional actions.
  • Send & File – by selecting this, you can dispatch the email and file it to a chosen destination simultaneously. It’s available when the Move function is turned off.
  • Send & Move – this option allows you to send the email and immediately move it to a predetermined folder. It’s available when the File function is turned off.
  • Send, File & Move – this action allows you to send, file, and move the email at once. It becomes available when destinations in both File and Move sections are set.

Send and File and Move.png

Note: If at any point you wish to just send the email without any added actions, simply select the Send button. This ensures your message is sent straightforwardly, devoid of any additional actions.


Sending and Filing

To send and file a message, fill in the fields present in the File section of the Send and File/Move window. An additional Autofile this Conversation option is present, and when activated, it ensures all messages in the current conversation are automatically filed to the selected destination. Once done, click Send & File.

Sending and Filing a Message.png

Sending and Moving

To send and move a message, go to the Move section and select a destination folder from the Suggestions or Recent lists. There's also an Other Folder option, granting you a broader selection. After selecting your folder, click Send & Move.

Send and Move.png


Sending, Filing, and Moving

To send, file, and move a message, follow steps from both the Sending and Filing and Sending and Moving processes. Then, click Send, File & Move to complete.

Send and File and Move.png

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