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Accessing ZERO Athena Settings

To access ZERO Athena settings, go to the ZERO tab on the Outlook ribbon and click on Settings.


Note: At the bottom left of the Settings screen, you can see the Logout button. Click it in case if you want to log out of iManage. The ZERO Logout screen opens. Select the Close Outlook button. You will be logged out of your DMS account. ZERO Athena will stop synchronizing with the DMS and you will not be able to file emails until you log in again.

For details about each group of settings, see the upcoming topics.



The About section displays the installed version number of ZERO Athena and provides support contact details. Additionally, it allows you to send the error logs and prediction analytics to the ZERO team.


To send your feedback and logs to the ZERO team, click the Send Feedback and Logs button. This action opens a new email composer with error logs automatically attached as a zip. If the zipped log folder exceeds 20MB, navigate to

"%AppData%\ZeroOutlookAddin\Logs\AppData\Roaming\ZeroAthenaLogs", zip only the latest log, and attach it to the email. Title your email Feedback Report <date and time stamp> and describe the issue in the email body before sending.

To send your prediction analytics to the ZERO team, click the Send analytics link at the bottom of the About window, valid for both ZERO File and ZERO Move actions. This opens a new email composer with the prediction analytics attached as a zip. Sending these analytics aids the ZERO team in evaluating and enhancing their prediction algorithms.



The Accounts section shows the Exchange accounts available in your Outlook.

ZERO Athena supports primary, secondary, and delegated accounts. Your primary account is recognized as the default in Outlook, while the syncing for secondary accounts is paused. It's important to note that non-Exchange accounts are not displayed and can't be activated.

For each Exchange account, if there is a corresponding DMS user ID, the DMS Author defaults to this associated user. Otherwise, the default becomes the Operator, which is the currently logged-in DMS user. Despite this default setting, you have the flexibility to select a different DMS author when filing emails, and this choice will be visible in the Filing Details screen.

ZERO Athena offers the capability to tailor features for individual accounts. You can activate the Autofile and Batch Delete functions by selecting their respective checkboxes. By default, these features are active only for your primary Outlook account. A key thing to remember is that you'll receive Ready to Delete reminders solely for the accounts where Batch Delete is enabled.




ZERO predicts email filing destinations with a high degree of accuracy. It can automatically file emails to their destinations without manual intervention. Emails almost certain for a single filing destination get a Ready to File status.

ZERO Athena supports 3 autofiling modes:

  • Immediate – All your Ready to File emails are immediately filed to the corresponding destinations.
  • Scheduled – Emails with strong filing predictions are labeled Ready to File and automatically filed each week unless specifically excluded.
  • Off – Emails with strong predictions are marked Ready to File and you will receive reminders to file them manually.


You can also set Autofiling Day and Time for when Ready to File emails are processed, with the default being Fridays at 15:00, but this can be adjusted to your preference.

Furthermore, you can set a reminder to receive notifications about the number of Ready to File emails, allowing for immediate action or review before the automatic filing occurs.

ZERO Athena popup.png

If ever needed, autofiling can be postponed. Click the Postpone until next [Thursday] link in the notification that you will receive right before the autofiling reminder. This way, the autofiling will be scheduled for the following week.



Personal Workspaces

The Personal Workspaces section displays your individual workspaces that you can use as predictions for your filings. Your Personal Workspaces are available only for your dedicated use. Other Personal Workspaces will be blocked for your filing predictions.

Personal Workspaces .png

In this section, each of your databases holds the list of matters that are considered personal.

To add a Matter to your personal workspace:

  1. Click the Select Matter field under the respective database.
  2. Select the desired Matter from the drop-down list and click Add.
  3. Click Apply to finalize adding the Matter to your Personal Workspace.


Send and Action

ZERO enhances your email experience by enabling you to File and/or Move your emails simultaneously as you dispatch them.

You have 2 options to choose from:

  • Open automatically upon Send – after drafting your email, when you click the standard Send button in Outlook, ZERO immediately presents the Send and File/Move window, allowing for additional actions like filing or moving the email.
  • Open by clicking the Send & Action button – Alongside Outlook’s traditional Send button, ZERO adds a new button labelled Send and File and Move. When clicked, the Send and File/Move window is displayed, giving you the choice to file or move the email as desired.

Send and Action.png

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