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About Athena Desktop

ZERO Athena uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the challenging administrative duties that legal professionals face daily. The typical legal professional receives hundreds of messages every day, and this number is growing. This consumes not only a disproportionate amount of time and attention, but also increases the operational costs most firms simply accept as a fact of life.

ZERO Athena is implemented as an Outlook Add-in. Leveraging ZERO’s AI, it automates the filing of messages into the DMS, allowing you to review a message and determine its correct DMS destination in a fraction of a second. You can file messages individually, in batches, or via auto-filing, which analyses your previous filing behaviors and automatically files messages in a conversation to the DMS. Detailed logs make filing review easy, and the cutting-edge AI makes the filing extremely accurate.


Login and Initializing

After installing ZERO and opening Outlook, follow these steps for setting up ZERO:

  1. Click Login on the Home ribbon.
  2. Login to your DMS account following the steps provided by the login dialog.


After successfully installing and setting up ZERO Athena, you see the following in your Outlook ribbon:


  • Show/Hide ZERO Pane – opens and closes the email filing pane from the last opened position (Top/Side/Popup). 
  • ZERO Tab – includes the following options:
    • Filing History – lists all the information regarding your filings.
    • Settings – opens ZERO’s Settings window.
    • Help Center – opens ZERO’s help center where you can find detailed information about ZERO Athena.

ZERO tab.png

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