After installing ZERO Athena and opening Outlook, follow these steps for setting up ZERO:

  1. Click Login on the Home ribbon.
  2. Login to your DMS account by following the instructions in the login dialog.

ZERO Athena Login icon.png

After successful setup, you'll notice new features added to your Outlook ribbon, categorize into different groups for ease of use.

Outlook Home Ribbon highlighted.png

  • ZERO Move - This section displays a list of recently used folders where messages have been moved. It also provides an option to undo the previous move if necessary.
  • ZERO File - This section contains the following features:
    • Show/Hide ZERO Pane – opens and closes the email filing pane from the last opened position (Top/Side/Popup). 
    • Filing Server - enables you to switch between different active servers for filing. Select your desired server from the dropdown menu to set it as the active server. If you are a first-time user, a login will be required. Please note that ZERO Athena will restart after each server switch.
  • ZERO Tab – Located in the Outlook ribbon, this tab encompasses the ZERO File and ZERO Move groups. It also houses the Settings and Help Center, offering comprehensive details about ZERO Athena.

ZERO tab.png

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