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Apollo uses a browser extension to record your browser activity, focusing specifically on domains and subdomains that you have approved through your whitelist. Whitelisting is managed directly from the Apollo application settings. Please note that while some whitelisted URLs may be predefined at the company level, you have the flexibility to modify these entries to align more closely with your needs. For details about adjusting Apollo application settings, refer to Applications.

How whitelisting affects data capture:

  • Subdomain Whitelisting: If you whitelist a specific subdomain, Apollo will capture activity from only that subdomain, excluding the main domain. For instance, if you whitelist, Apollo will not track activity from
  • Domain Whitelisting: Whitelisting a main domain allows Apollo to capture all activity from that domain and its associated subdomains. Thus, whitelisting will include activity from and other subdomains.

Activity logging details:

  • Apollo logs all activity under a single entry for each session on a whitelisted domain, regardless of the number of subpages visited. For example, if you browse multiple pages on, all actions will be grouped under one entry for that site.
  • Opening a whitelisted domain in a new browser tab starts a new entry, indicating the commencement of a new session.

Non-whitelisted domains:

Visits to domains not on your whitelist are not recorded by Apollo. Therefore, no entries for those domains will appear in Apollo, ensuring that only relevant data is collected.


Adding a Whitelisted Domain

To add a whitelisted domain:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications and select your preferred browser.
  2. In the next screen, type the website name in the respective field and click Add to Whitelist.

Figure 45 Adding a Whitelisted Domain.png


Removing a Whitelisted Domain

To remove whitelisted domains:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications and select your preferred browser.
  2. In the list of whitelisted domains, click Remove to the right of the website name you want to remove.

Figure 46 Removing a Whitelisted Domain.png

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