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The Review page allows you to efficiently review and manage your time and activity entries that are captured automatically once Apollo is active on your computer. It provides an overview needed to visualize a wealth of information about your captured activities, as well as to determine your next steps in your entry review process.


Accessing the Review Page

In order to access the Review page, click the Home_Icon.png (Review) icon in the Apollo side menu. This navigates you to the Review page where you can manage all your entries.

Figure 8 Accessing the Review Page.png

Note: The Review page represents the default dashboard view (i.e., every time you open Apollo, it is selected by default).

All entries captured by Apollo are grouped into the following tabs of the Review page:

  • All Entries – displays an organized list of all active entries included in both Assigned and Unassigned tabs.
  • Assigned – displays the entry list filtered by only assigned entries that have an associated client and matter.
  • Unassigned – displays the entry list filtered by only unassigned entries.
  • Removed – displays the entry list filtered by only removed entries. For information on removing entries, see Removing a Single Entry and Removing Multiple Entries.


Working in the Review Page

The Review page provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing time and activity entries in one centralized location, making it easier for you to stay on top of your work and bill accurately.

On the Review page, you can:

  • Pause/Activate Apollo – Stop and resume capturing if needed. For details on how to do that, see Pausing/Activating Apollo.
  • Refresh Apollo – View the most recently captured entries at any time. For details on how to do that, see Refreshing Apollo.
  • Detect idle time – Apollo pauses the time capture when the desktop remains inactive for more than 10 minutes and resumes upon detecting activity. For details, see Idle Time Detection.
  • Assign and Reassign Entries – Assign entries from both All Entries and Unassigned lists, as well as reassign individual and multiple entries. Refer to Assigning and Reassigning Entries for more details.
  • Manage Matters – Select a matter to assign it to an entry, and search for client and matter records. For more details, see Managing Matters.
  • Manage Entries – Remove and restore individual and multiple entries, perform daily reviews, and more. For details, refer to Managing Entries.
  • Send Entries to iTimekeep – Integrate with a timekeeping system, submit individual and multiple entries to your timekeeping system and manage block billing entries. For more details, refer to iTimekeep Integration.

Note: Apollo follows your preference for which entries to send to your timekeeping system and moves all captured entries already sent to the timekeeping system to the History page. This means that when you first log in to the dashboard in the morning, it may not yet be populated with entries. To customize how Apollo sends your captured activities to the timekeeping system, see Sending Entries to Timekeeping System. You can view all your captured entries from your History page. For details, see History Page.


Pausing/Activating Apollo

Apollo enables you to pause the capturing of its time and/or activity for any reason. To do so, click the Pause_button.png (Pause) button to stop capturing, and the Activate_button.png (Activate) button to resume capturing. Please note that by default, Apollo is set to be active.

Figure 9 Pausing Activating Apollo.png


Refreshing Apollo

Apollo updates the entries displayed on the Review page automatically by default. However, you also have the option to refresh it manually. To view the most recent entries at any moment, click the blobid0.png (Refresh) button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Figure 10 Refreshing Apollo.png


Idle Time Detection

If you are not performing any action on your desktop for more than 10 minutes but for some reason the screen is still on, the time capture stops. This is the default threshold for detecting idle time away from the keyboard; however, your firm may change this default setting to a different threshold. Time capture resumes as soon as an activity is detected again.

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