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In the Settings page of Apollo, you can update and manage your user preferences.

Note: Some settings are configured at the firm level during implementation. In this event, you may not see or be able to adjust all the settings.


Accessing the Settings Page

In order to access the Settings page, click the Settings_Icon.png (Settings) icon in the Apollo side menu. This navigates you to the Settings page where you can view and update your user preferences.

Figure 28 Accessing the Settings Page.png

The Settings page is composed of the following tabs:

  • Personalization – allows you to customize your time and activity capturing data.
  • Applications – allows you to enable Apollo time tracking for different applications.
  • iTimekeep – displays information about the integration with your timekeeping system.
  • About – displays Apollo release information as well as provides contact information.



This sub-section allows you to customize your user preferences. Many of these settings were selected during the first-time user setup process, such as what Apollo captures, what Apollo sends to iTimekeep, etc. For more information about the first-time user setup process, see Setting Up Apollo. Please, note that any changes to settings apply to all entries captured today.

Figure 29 Personalization Sub-Section.png

For more details about the Personalization tab and the available customization options, please refer to Personalization Settings.



In this sub-section you can enable Apollo time tracking for different applications. Apollo assigns client and matter predictions to your entries from the enabled applications. As you train Apollo, you will get more predictions over time.

To enable Apollo for an application, simply turn on the toggle switch next to the tool for which you want Apollo to track your time automatically.

Figure 31 Applications Sub-Section.png

Note: Your administrator may decide which applications on this list are available for you to capture, so the list you see may not exactly match the list presented in the image above.

Note: If you have captured activity for today for a given application and you change your settings to no longer capture that application by turning the toggle to the Off position, the previously captured activities for today will be removed from your Review page.



This sub-section displays information about your timekeeping system integration. To sign in and sign out of iTimekeep, simply click on the corresponding button.

Figure 32 iTimekeep Sub-Section.png



This sub-section displays Apollo release and contact information.

Figure 33 About Sub-Section.png

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