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Welcome to Release 2.0.1200 of ZERO Apollo (hereinafter referred to as Apollo) user guide.  This user guide aims to describe how to use Apollo efficiently to keep your time on any desktop computer. It provides the necessary information to ensure ease-of-use and a comprehensive understanding of the software functionality.

Welcome to the ZERO Apollo user guide for version 2.0.1200. This user guide is designed to help you use Apollo on any desktop computer for effective timekeeping. Here, you'll find the necessary information to ensure ease-of-use and a comprehensive understanding of Apollo's functionalities.


About ZERO Apollo

Apollo is a timekeeping software that automatically captures your billable work on your computer, iPhone, and iPad. It works in the background and captures your time spent on Outlook emails and attachments, as well as other systems such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Zoom, and many other applications. Importantly, Apollo allows to choose between keeping track of either only your activities or both activities and time. This way, it helps to tailor the application to match your individual timekeeping needs. Afterward, Apollo seamlessly integrates the time and activities into your timekeeping system. Thus, Apollo automates the whole capture and timekeeping process, allowing you to save time on administrative tasks that must be completed daily. Apollo makes your timekeeping effortless and efficient.

Apollo provides you with features you need to automate your timekeeping. With Apollo you can:

  • Fully capture all interactions with client-related emails and attachments. Apollo automatically creates time entries for interactions with client-related emails and attachments on your desktop using Outlook. These entries include an AI-generated narrative as well as a predicted client and matter when there is an available prediction. Moreover, Apollo can include the elapsed time if you select to track duration in addition to activity. Time that was formerly reconstructed and entered manually or simply written off is now billable.
  • Keep your timekeeping habits. Apollo is designed to work with your timekeeping flow, stacking on top of your existing habits, whether you are a contemporaneous timekeeper or reconstruct your time, or fall somewhere in between.
  • Keep track of your time or only activities. It’s your time, your choice — get help tracking the duration of either your time and activities or only your activities, depending on whatever approach of timekeeping you need the most help with automating.
    Note: The time capture functionality referenced in this document is only applicable to you if you have selected to capture time and activities vs. only activities. 
  • Have more accurately captured time and client bills. With the help of Apollo, you remove the administrative drag of manually keeping and entering time, thus saving your time on administrative tasks that must be completed daily.
  • Enhance your productivity. Apollo has been specifically engineered for you as a knowledge worker to help you save time and maximize your productivity by automating the repetitive timekeeping tasks you do every day.
  • Get help when you need it. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that you can always get the help and information you need to keep Apollo working for you.

In addition, Apollo keeps your data secure within your firm’s security perimeter and within your individual timekeeping system. You are always in control of your time with Apollo, and you can review and revise all entries created by Apollo before you decide to submit them.


Intended Audience

This guide is intended for professional services workers involved in the process of using Apollo to capture their time or activities. They should review this guide to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for successfully carrying out tasks of capture and entry.


ZERO Website

You can access the ZERO corporate web site at The site contains information about Apollo and all other ZERO products and solutions.


Customer Support

If you have questions about Apollo or any other product created by ZERO, please do not hesitate to contact the ZERO Support Center at or call one of the following numbers:
U.S. +1 (650) 720-2324
U.K. +44 20 7971-1348
Our team of experienced professionals provides the help and information you need to keep Apollo working for you. Our team includes your Technical Representative and ZERO’s large staff of consultants and support specialists with expertise in your business area.


Thank You

Thank you for using Apollo and this user guide. We value your comments and feedback which will help us to improve our products. Please submit your suggestions or ideas on our Customer Portal at

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